Before the Blossom: Poems by Tom Tam


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Before the Blossom is a collection of inspiring poems written by Tom Tam with vibrant and beautiful photographs by Mark Chamberlin, a patient with ALS that has been helped by Tom’s continuing mission to share his wonderful gift of Tong Ren Healing. All sales from Before the Blossom will be donated to the OCI Healing Research Foundation.

The Duckly Voice

A lake is covered with soundlessness
Before the winter’s coming
Looks like peace on earth.
Everyone has joined the chevron,
Seeking warmth instinctually,
Where there is comfort for life.
Yet, the stubborn remains for its dream,
Alone, the follower is its loyal reflection,
Motionlessly, going nowhere.
Facing toward the wintry wind,
Aimlessly, floating on the water,
Effortlessly, doing nothing.
Yet, its image ignites a tiny signal,
Energizing the tranquil lake.
Its hoarse, duckly voice breaks down the silence,
The tranquil lake becomes vociferous.
Alas, can your heart hear the reverberation?
“We are crazy, but not stupid!”



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