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This book provides a discussion of the Tai Chi Dao Yin system of Qi Gong. As with the Da Peng Gong system, this is another relatively simple Qi Gong exercise routine which is helpful for building and maintaining health. The exercise movements are described in detail and complemented with drawings. This book will allow you to learn and practice this system of Qi Gong.


  • Introduction
  • Acknowledgements
  • What is Chi?
  • What is Chi Gong?
  • Chi Gong cannot cure everything
  • How can Chi Gong build more energy
  • Why we need to practice Chi Gong
  • Deviations of Chi Gong
  • Correcting Running Fire
  • The way for health
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Psychology
  • Medicine
  • The Common Sense Diet
  • Tai Chi Dao Yin


From the “What is Chi Gong?” Chapter

Simply translated, Chi is the energy of nature and the universe as well as is in our body. Gong defines the technique of exercise and discipline. Chi Gong can be translated as “the exercise and practice to make the energy in nature and the universe function and balance within our bodies.”

According to Chinese Meridian theory we have pre-natal Chi and post-natal Chi. Pre-natal Chi comes from our parents before we are born. Post-natal Chi comes after we are born, from the food we eat and the air we breathe. Pre-natal Chi needs post-natal Chi to be nourished and remain fit. The post-natal Chi needs the pre-natal Chi in order for the post-natal Chi to remain strong and perform its work.

The first part of training in Chi Gong is body movement. All of the different styles of Chi Gong have their own forms which work to balance yin and yang to certain meridians. The many different forms usually represent something greater, or have a greater purpose. The movements of some mimic the movements of animals such as the tiger, monkey, crane or elephant. Distinct forms grew out of some religious practices and still others are based on becoming more attuned to nature.

The goal of a number of forms is to simply strengthen the muscles, but others focus solely on increasing Chi . Some forms are slow, some fast, which means that Chi Gong exercise, unlike physically demanding Western exercises, is not limited to those in good condition. Conversely, those in good shape can still find aspects of Chi Gong training very challenging.

The second part of training is breathing. Some people translate Chi Gong as “breathing exercise,” even though the breath is an important part of Chi Gong training. Air and Chi have same Chinese character writing which is why many people make this mistake. Breathing is used to let the Chi from nature enter the body through the oxygen in the air thereby increasing circulation and balancing the body’s energy.

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