The Unfinished Life: Healing Stories of Past Lives


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This book is an exploration of Tom’s understandings and work involving past lives, containing 22 stories from his experiences.

From the preface

“I do not know if you believe in past lives. Many cultures throughout history have held strong beliefs on this issue, and yet there is much disagreement. There is no equipment to prove if past lives truly exist or not, so there is no way to determine who is right or wrong…I do not need anyone to believe in past lives…I am just writing a true story from my practice, a non-fiction story.”


From the chapter “Who is the Psychic?”

Many people who read my book will ask, “Who is the famous psychic in Lithuania?” Honestly, I still do not know who this person is. I only heard about this person from one of the students in Riga, Latvia. Last year, I visited Riga with four students. I gave a healing seminar and sessions of Tai Chi instruction.

During the trip, I asked a student of mine, Sofia, about this psychic. Sofia, and another student, Anna, translated Russian for me during the trip. Sofia assisted me during Chi Gong instruction. She grew up in Riga, and knew everyone at the seminar, yet she doesn’t know who this famous psychic is.

I met so many people in my seminars, and quite a few of them were psychic practitioners. I remember one of these students very well. Her name is Marina. She is a medical doctor and practitioner of acupuncture. In the class, she was very humble and attentive.

Another person who stands out in my memory is Galina. I knew her as an artist, and her art work was gorgeous. Later on in the trip, Sofia told me that she is a psychic also. During the first class, she told me that she saw an old soul enter the room with me. I told her that many times people have told me that they see an old soul enter and exit with me. I, myself, have never seen this vision.

About ten years ago one of my Chi Gong students, Linda Brooks, told me that she saw my grandfather standing behind me. I doubted this. Then she informed me that she also saw my grandfather’s house, and then described the entire house to me. I was in shock. She was 100% right! There was no way then that I could argue with her.

Another miracle in Riga was a 19 year old girl who had muscular dystrophy. After two of my treatments, she miraculously could walk. Many people were very excited and crying. The girl’s father is an energy healer. Before I left Riga, I taught him how to continue to treat his daughter.


Sophia is working in my office today. I gave her the letter from Galina, and ask her to do me a favor and type the English part from the original letter, making sure not to change any of Galina’s writing.

Dear Master Tomasso

It could be that your letter was lost between the continents. The letter I am writing now will be brought to U.S. by my friend from Vilnus, who is flying away in some hours and I take the chance to tell you our Baltic news.

In November 1996 I lectured in Vilnus, returned to Riga, rested and now returned back to Vilnus, to have seminars and consulted with people. In five bigger towns in LithuaniaI told about your system, about you, Dao, tshi-gun, dzen and multipoliarity of Vasiliy Lenskiy. Lithunians are really interested in the meeting with you and would welcome you in Vilnus. Would you like to visit Lithuania in spring 1997 after Latvian visit (about which I found out in Dzen-center). I can help you in this. In Riga the Academy of Latent Information called “Blessing”, was ounded. I am the member of it too. (Oleg Oponcenko is a member of this Academy). It seems that participation in the Academy could be really of use. I can help people to find chi not only theoretically but also practically in the body.

My time is already up. We came specifically to Vilnus for several hours to meet Svetlana Brazieni, who will take this letter to the States. My best wishes to you for the post Christmas holicdays and the New Year, to Bob, Ming, Anita, Anna, and Sonia. Happiness to everybody. Dear Anna, I am sorry for my mistake, I was in such a hurry as today too. The time is limited and calculated by minutes.

Love and blessings to everybody. Hope to see you soon.

Galina Sniderskaja


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