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This kit includes all the essentials for Tong Ren Therapy, the Tom Tam Healing System, and Healing Cancer with The Nervous System. These two books covers material including the basis of Tom Tam’s healing system, blockages, basic concept of points, vertebral palpation for diagnosis, prevention and healing of cancer, Tong Ren Technique for cancer, common points of Tong Ren Healing, and causes and treatment of different cancers including breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, and other types of cancer.

This kit includes:
– Tong Ren Acupuncture Model (Doll may vary from image)
– Tong Ren Therapy Magnetic Hammer
– Tom Tam Healing System
– Healing Cancer with The Nervous System
– A Lazy Bum’s Healing: Tong Ren Therapy Cross Reference (2012)
– Tong Ren Pocket Guide (2012)


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