Anyone Can Do It: The Energy Matrix and Tong Ren (Galloway)


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This is a book about the testimonials of a physician who was enlightened by circumstances surrounding his sister’s illness, i.e. metastatic breast cancer.
The physician was initially trained in Western scientific thought and procedures. He suddenly discovered a hidden world of unseen energies (previously known in the East) that can help diagnose and treat all illnesses,without adversity. It can also help researchers in Quantum Mechanics and Particle Physics gain new insights into the vast potential of consciousness.
He discovered an evolving field of science directed toward an understanding of vibration/energy and the balance between the macrocosm and the microcosm. Tong Ren healing demonstrates a reality beyond the 5 senses, which interacts with all of the other domains we experience, including cognitive and spiritual. It is easy, it is safe, and it is free. And it predisposes itself as a perfect complement to Western medicine.
On the front cover there are 2 mountains rising out of the sea. The mountains are East and West. The sea is Energy or the Collective Unconscious of Carl Jung. The Tong Ren statue is the bridge between East and West.