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Tong Ren Healing: An Evolving Light Truly Bringing a New Hope of Life (DVD) This DVD contains five main sections. The first is an introduction to Tong Ren Therapy and the Tom Tam Healing System by a student of Tom Tam’s. Following the introduction is a live video of one of our Tong Ren healing classes. This section of the DVD may be used for the healing of yourself and others, or just to learn more about our system. The third section contains a presentation of the Tibetan “singing” bowls. In some of our Massachusetts area classes we use the Tibetan Bowls at the end of our classes. The fourth part of the DVD contains a variety of testimonials from participants of the classes who have been healed of Cancer or other conditions. The final section is a presentation from Father McDonough, a Boston area Catholic Priest who is well known for his healing abilities. (75 mins)

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